Posted by Richard Lemon on Mar 14, 2018
Reid James  introduced David Knapp-Fisher and told us that he has worked in the hospitality industry for many years working as a Chef, Hotel Manager and Corporate Consultant and ended up as a successful restaurant/bar owner at Sun Peaks Resort.  Through this unique career path, David discovered the important role that human connection plays within leadership and business and has devoted himself to leadership sessions  focussing on the importance of connections.
David began his discussion talking about how social media has isolated people in many instances and created a level of unhappiness.  He believes that simple shifts can have a big impact on happiness and indicated that travelling was a game changer for him.  He recognized the importance of actually connecting with people and sharing stories to raise people up.  This led him to start Inspired Victoria which is a popular 1600 plus member community where people have an opportunity to connect on a heart-based level.  He said the start-up was difficult and indicated that many RSVPs were received but only 10% of the respondents showed up.  Those that did show up though were the real deal.
The group has some rules regarding these sessions which include
  • no phones allowed
  • individuals cannot talk about work but what they are passionate about and what they like to do
  • business cards can be handed out at the end of the evening
What happens is that people with particular interests find themselves connecting with others  and establish new relationships and friendships.  He told us the place to start in this process was to acknowledge and recognize the front-line service workers that we deal with everyday.  Don't wait for them to acknowledge you but take the initiative and ask them...good morning, how is your day going.  What you are doing is adding value and seeing them as a person.  You will see a Return on Investment almost immediately and eventually it will become a habit.  Meeting people and making connections actually creates communities.  His final thoughts were reach out and connect and it will generate happiness.
Boma Brown thanked David on behalf of the club.