Posted on Oct 11, 2017
Cheryl Thomas introduced Kevin, who earned his BComm from UVic.  He then completed the Canadian Securities Course and joined RBC as part of an Institutional Investments team.  He was successful there and became a thought leader on the Next Generation Asset Managemetn Team in Singapore, where his exclusive focus was on Blockchain.  However, he saw a once in a liftime opportunity to strike out on his own as a specialist adviser in investing in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain applications. 
Kevin provided a fascinating summary of the history and evolution of cyber-currencies, flowering with the exponential growth in computing power as an alternative to centralised banking systems and financial overview by large banking corporations.  He pointed out both the opportunities and the dangers inherent in an unregulated currency market, where the only tangible evidence of value was what you could see on your computer screen and where most "companies" were as ephemeral as that flickering image.  He also pointed out that the crytocurrency market was becoming so important that governments were trying to move in an again establish a 'central banking' status.  Finally, he warned that software was "eating the world" (unsolicited editorial comment - though it might balk at the Union Club breakfast ) and we should be aware that we are only seeing the start of this disruption.
For further insight and comment on this fascinating area of financal evolution, Kevin has maintains a blog and a newsletter, available on line, of course, at
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