Posted by Keith Phillips



Doug Lunan and Jeff Moses organised and ran another successful Piper Auction, under the able calling of that voluble virtuoso of the auctioneering art, Wayne Ford.  In a Piper Auction, Club Members bid on a contribution to Rotary International (in the amount of the final bid in each round) topped up by a grant of $100 from the Club.  The winning bidder gets credit in the winning amount plus the $100 towards a covetted Paul Harris 'outstanidng contribution' pin and a tax receipt in the same amount.  The contribution of all the proceeds of the auction goes directly to RI for use in funding international projects of Rotary Clubs worldwide.

Wayne got warmed up by selling two tickets to the movie Wonder (why I paid this much for tickets in Langley) to Doug Ozeroff.

Wayne then, wisely, moved swiftly through the 11 Piper Portions predestined to produce premium Piper proceeds prior to posting to RI.

The happy bidders were:

                                      Dave Spaven
                                      Doug Lunan
                                      John Hegaghty
                                      John Gustafson
                                     Wayne Ford  (he is such a good auctioneer, he was able to bid himself up)
                                     Wayne Shillington
                                     Kathleen Nelson
                                     Don Greenbery
                                     Jeff Moses
                                    Keith Phillips
                                    Chris Dysart