Dilshir Virk introduced our speaker.
Leanne Kopp ,Executive Director of the Island Prostate Centre gave members a most informative talk on how the Prostate Centre contributes to Victoria's Mens'  health.
Here are some figures she presented;
  • Prostate Cancer represents 36% of all newly diagnosed cancers in BC men.
  • 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.
  • Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer to afflict Canadian men.
There is no single cause of Prostate Cancer. However, there are some factors that make developing prostate cancer more likely:
  • Risk factors include:
  • Family history (1st degree relative)
  • Age (risk increases after the age of 50)
  • Race (more likely if you are of African or Caribbean descent)
  • Lifestyle (Smoking, Obesity and Inactivity increase risk)
Many men do not have any symptoms prior to diagnosis. It is also important to not that the following symptoms can be a result of benign conditions.
  •  Difficulty urinating
  • A sense of incomplete bladder emptying
  • Frequent night time urinating
  •   Blood in the urine or semen
  • An aching pain in the groin area
  • Persistent bone pain or low back pain, not associated with   exercise or trauma.
Island Prostate Centre provides clear, comprehensive, and unbiased medical information.
  • Nurse Support Program
  • Prostate Cancer Support Group
  • Cancer Recovery Exercise Program
  • DAPPER Nutrition Program
  • Full library of books, DVDs, magazines and informational pamphlets on prostate cancer.
  • Annual Country Grocer Men’s Health Day
Here are the contacts;
  • Island Prostate Centre
  • 100, 1900 Richmond Road
  • Victoria, BC
  • (250) 388-0214
  • www.IslandProstateCentre.com
Stephen Holland thanked the speaker on behalf of the club and gave Leanne a Card  representing a pair of prescription eyes glasses given to a needy individual in a Third word country  in partnership the "Operations Eyesight"