Posted on Sep 13, 2017
Board members presentation to Harborside Rotary, September 20, 2017
Our speaker was Dave McElroy on behalf of Hope Air
Dave introduced Hope Air, a not for profit that has, since 1986, been arranging free flights to medical care for disadvantaged Canadians, coast to coast.  The service is provided through private pilots or, in the majority of cases, as a result of donations of flights from commercial air carriers.  The service provides assistance starts with getting the clients from home, to the flight to pick-up at the destination airport, and return sevice, once medical care is complete.  Thousands of Canadians across Canada have been helped by this vital service, which now averages 30 'flights' a day.
Dave, a retired business person and avid pilot, told us about his project Give Hope Wings, a four plane circumnavigation of south America which hopes to raise recognition and $500,000 for Hope Air.  The adventure will begin in January of 2018, take 60 days, 50 flight legs, 50,000 kilometres and visit 20 countries.  The team is looking for volunteer flight crew, with $30,000 to 'invest' who are looking both for the adventure of a lifetime and to give back to the community.  Go to for further information, to donate and to volunteer.
Damian thanked Dave for his inspiring talk.