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Major Funding Guidelines

Focus of Funding

Harbourside focuses on funding organizations that:
§  provide services and assistance primarily to youth, individuals, and families at risk; and
§  are in the Greater Victoria area, particularly Victoria, Saanich, Esquimalt and Vic West.


§  accept applications from January 1 to March 15;
§  adjudicate the applications usually by April 15;
§  notify applicants of the outcome usually by May 1; and
§  deliver the funding at a Club meeting in June, which the recipient organizations are expected to attend.


To be considered for funding, you must be a:
§  society incorporated under the BC Societies Act;
§  community service cooperative under the Cooperative Association Act;
§  registered charitable organization under the federal Income Tax Act; or
§  trustees or a trust for a charitable purpose.


The amount we have available for donations varies from year-to-year based on the results of our fundraising and investment returns.  There is no minimum or maximum amount available for disbursement.

Funding & Adjudication

We always receive requests for funding that exceed the funds we have available.  We, therefore, first review the applications against these criteria:
§  Nature of project / program (i.e., capital or operating, short-term project vs long-term program);
§  Fit with our Club’s focus (i.e., assisting those at risk);
§  Impact of the project / program on the community;
§  Proximity to Club (i.e., are in the areas noted above);
§  Relationship with Rotary (i.e., with our Club and / or with another Rotary Club);
§  Ability to fund (i.e., the entire program, complete the required funding, or be leveraged to ensure the complete funding by other organizations; and
§  Status and history of the organization (length of service, services delivered, successful outcomes).
We then rank those that ‘fit’ based on merit.
Application form is located under "Files".  Please email completed application to