Rotary Club of Victoria-Harbourside has implemented changes. 
We still meet Wednesday mornings at 7, digitally.
(June 24 there is no meeting.  In it's place is an evening event June 23 outlined here.     Use the same Zoom link as regular meetings, noted below)

  • Weekly meetings are digital only, via Zoom Meeting. 
    • All are welcome to attend. Guests encouraged. 
    • Weekly Wednesday meetings are usually around an hour and 15 minutes.
      • 6:30 AM.  Social time for early risers.  Join us. 
      • 7:00 AM. Meeting starts with Oh Canada.      
      • Coffee time afterwards for those who wish.  
    • 60 second video "How to join a Zoom meeting'.
    • Click here for a test meeting to see how it works,  test your mic and speakers, and tinker.
    • Sometimes members like to do  "Happy or Sad Bucks" and make a donation.  Donations are optional at the discretion of the member, and may be paid online.  Click here.
    • Attendees require a password to login.  This gets emailed weekly to members.  If you forget or lose the password or you are a visitor (welcome!) email the moderator by clicking here. You can also text the pass request question to 780-518-5672, include your first and last name please.    
    • During the meeting include your proper first and last name in your settings so others can read your "Name tag".  
Regular Weekly Meetings use the same link every week:   Required Link to Attend Meeting.

Happy Sad Bucks may be paid online right here.