We meet Wednesday mornings at 7,  digitally

  • Currently weekly meetings are digital only, via Zoom Meeting. 
    • All are welcome to attend. Guests encouraged. 
    • Weekly Wednesday meetings are usually around an hour and 15 minutes.
      • 6:30 AM.  Social time for early risers.  Join us.  Note,  some meetings we set members at "tables" or breakout rooms - around 6 - 8 per at social time.
      • 7:00 AM. Meeting starts with Oh Canada.      
      • Coffee time afterwards for those who wish.  
    • 60 second video "How to join a Zoom meeting'.
    • Click here for a test meeting to see how it works,  test your mic and speakers, and tinker.
    • Sometimes members like to do  "Happy or Sad Bucks" and make a donation.  Donations are optional at the discretion of the member, and may be paid online.  Click here.
    • Attendees require a password to login.  This gets emailed weekly to members.  If you forget or lose the password or you are a visitor (welcome!) email the moderator by clicking here. You can also text the pass request question to 250-893-0373, include your first and last name please.    
    • During the meeting include your proper first and last name in your settings so others can read your "Name tag".  

Regular Weekly Meetings use the same link every week:   Required Link to Attend Meeting.

Happy Sad Bucks may be paid online right here.