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 Funding Guidelines

If you are requesting up to $500 in funding, please contact us.  If you are requesting a larger amount, you must complete this form.  Please communicate with us and send your request to: .  Please put “Request for funding” in the subject line.

Our timetable

We must receive your request by no later than 5:00 p.m., March 12, 2018.
After that time, we will acknowledge receipt of the requests and begin evaluating them.
We may invite you to make a presentation before we make our final decisions.  We will finish our evaluations in May.  Once we have made our decisions, we will notify all applicants of our decision on their requests.
We and the organizations we fund will sign an agreement.  The agreement will state the amount we have donated and how the money will be used.  The funded organization will agree to recognize Harbourside’s contribution, commit to reporting at the end, and provide current contact information.
We will give the cheques to representatives from the funded organizations at a meeting in June.

Who we fund

We only fund societies that are either incorporated under the BC Societies Act and / or registered as a charitable organization under the federal Income Tax Act.

How much we donate

How much we can donate varies from year-to-year depending on how successful our fundraisers and investments have been.  We always receive requests for more money than we have to donate.

What we fund

We consider all requests and use these criteria in making our decisions.
  • Proximity to our Club:  We favour those in Victoria, Esquimalt and Saanich, the other areas in the Capital Regional District being well served by other Rotary Clubs.
  • Individuals / groups served:  We favour preventative services for vulnerable individuals, families and groups, and services for those who are already at risk physically, psychologically, emotionally, and / or financially.
  • Impact:  We favour those that have a significant impact on those served, the size of the population that will be served, and the impact on the broader community.
  • Supported by a Harboursider:  We favour those with a Harbourside Champion (who will work with the organization throughout the project / program) or a Harbourside Sponsor (who knows the organization well and supports the request).
  • Ability to complete and sustain:  We favour those where there is a high probability that there will be sufficient funding to complete the proposed work and to sustain the services afterwards.
  • Social volunteering:  We favour those where there are specific opportunities for Harboursiders to volunteer on the project or program or with the organization more generally.

Your request

We will only consider the first 250 words in each section and a one-page budget.  We will disregard all other information.


If you have any questions, please contact us at
We look forward to getting your request!
*** Please note; you cannot fill this form in online. Please download this word document  and fill in on your computer, save and  email it to;