Jul 31, 2019
Jim Ross
Anawim in our community
Jim Ross (VP Anawim) will present the Anawim Story explaining what they do to help
Victoria’s poor and homeless. They effectively help these people make lasting change
in their life whether that means  freedom from addiction, reconnecting with loved
ones, moving into housing, going back to school, or finding work or a home. Anawim
has successfully helped two to three people every year get back into society,
working, paying taxes and contributing to our community.

Terry Edison-Brown (House Director Anawim) will present “How we do it”. They offer a
family environment where people can recover their dignity and self-worth  and break
free of isolation, addiction, and past trauma. It’s a place where people can
contribute and build lasting relationships as members of a loving family. A place
where people can thrive, not just survive. They work with people to rebuild their
physical, emotional, and spiritual health and set new goals for themselves.

Jim Ross has over 37 years experience as a sales manager, business owner, board member and President and CEO of DSL Inc., a food equipment supply company servicing western Canada. When retirement brought him to Vancouver Island, he became a Rotarian with South Cowichan Rotary Club.  Involved in several projects in the Cowichan Valley, Jim also became a Paul Harris Fellow.  Since moving to Victoria he has chaired his strata council and since 2015, he has sat on the Board of the Anawim Companions Society.