Mental Health & Policing - Is the System Broken?
Apr 14, 2021
Eileen Peplar
Mental Health & Policing - Is the System Broken?

We will be joined by Eileen Pepler, PhD and author of ”Mental health and policing: Picking up the pieces in a broken system” from the March edition of Healthcare Management Forum, the peer-reviewed journal of the Canadian College of Health Leaders.

Police have long been the informal first responders of Canada’s mental health system, mainly by default, as the expansion of community supports has not kept up with cuts to access to services and long-term psychiatric beds. Yet, most mental health crises do not require a police response. For example, police are often called to assist individuals in distress, intoxicated or respond to reports of a disturbance, where there are no immediate concerns related to risk to the individual or others. The emerging agenda regarding the intersection of policing and public health is that a holistic approach will generate the best results, but it seems extremely hard to achieve this approach in practice.

Dr. Eileen Pepler is a thought leader and specialist in change management, organization behaviour, project management, information systems and focuses on linking cost and outcomes in acute care, cancer, community services, mental health and addictions. She has more than 25 years of management consulting, health and social policy planning, research, sales, marketing, consulting and academic experience in both the public and private sectors working with IBM Canada, Xerox, KPMG, Wang, Price Waterhouse, and the UK National Health Service.

We are hoping that Staff Sgt. Frank Cattoni, executive director at Safe Communities Opportunity and Resource Centre (SORCe) will also be in attendance.