Aug 15, 2018
Paul Latour - HeroWork
Update on HeroWork Radical Renovations

What is a 'Radical Renovation?'  According to HeroWork (

"A Radical Renovation is a fast-paced renovation event that involves hundreds of trades and volunteers coming together in a very short period of time to complete a comprehensive renovation.

The opening day starts with a March onto the Site, the Opening Ceremonies, the Demo, and a Community Block Party with live music and food. Each subsequent day has large teams of people working in unison within a highly organized and sequenced manner. Everyone eats lunch and dinner together, which is catered by local restaurants while live music plays. Professional photographers are always on the site snapping pics and posting them on social media. Videographers are there as well as traditional media. On the final day during the Big Reveal there is a “Move the Truck!” moment after which the recipients walk through the cheering crowd. The Reveal is then streamed live to multiple monitors outside so that all of the volunteers and sponsors can see the look on the recipients’ faces as they are awed by the results of the completed project.

These events ripple out goodwill into the community through the example of what can be done when people work together with common vision and good planning."

Founder, Paul Letour will give us an update on the June Radical Reno for the Food Rescue Project and the impact on the community.  He'll also be giving us an update on the Fall Radical Renovation on the Dignity Market at the Mustard Seed and leave lots of time for questions and recruiting of volunteers!