Nov 06, 2019
Commander C.D. Foreman
Rememberance Day Program

Commander C.D. Foreman

Born and raised in Campbell River, British Columbia, Commander Foreman joined the Royal Canadian Navy as a Naval Weapons Technician in 1996. After completion of his QL3 training at CFB Halifax in 1998, he was posted to his first ship on the west coast, HMCS HURON.

Over the next nine years Cdr Foreman solidified himself as fitted equipment on the 280s and sailed exclusively in HMC Ships HURON and ALGONQUIN. During that period, Cdr Foreman obtained his degree in Commerce from Royal Roads University and in late 2005, applied and was accepted for the Special Commissioning Plan.  In September of 2005, Cdr Foreman was commissioned as a Sub-Lieutenant and began his career as a Naval Logistics Officer at CANFLTPAC HQ working within Fleet Logistics Operations. 

In 2008, Cdr Foreman was posted to HMCS REGINA to conduct his Assistant Head Of Department training and in 2009 passed his board and was awarded his Head of Department qualification.  He was subsequently posted as the Logistics Operations Officer at MARPAC’s Joint Logistics Operations Center.  In 2011, Cdr Foreman was posted back to HMCS ALGONQUIN for his Head of Department tour as the Logistics Officer where he sailed up, down and around the west coast participating in the North American Security Initiative (NAMSI) off the coast of Mexico, a Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise in Hawaii, multiple Task Group Exercises, two sets of Directed Work-Ups and one set of full Work-Ups. 

In 2013, Cdr Foreman became the Executive Officer of Base Logistics. During this time he was sent to Hawaii as the Forward Logistics Site IC as part of the MARPAC Detachment Forward in response to the fire onboard HMCS PROTECTEUR. In 2015 he was chosen to attend the Joint Command Staff Programme in Toronto for a year and obtained his Master’s degree in Defence Studies. He and his family then moved to Ottawa where Cdr Foreman worked at the Directorate of Naval Logistics as the Naval Logistics Officer Occupation Manager. Cdr Foreman was promoted to his current rank June 2018.

Cdr Foreman is married to wife, Nicole, and they have three children: Alexa, Lucas and Layla.