Veganism: More Than a Diet, An Imperative for Saving the Planet
Mar 13, 2024
Jordan Reichert
Veganism: More Than a Diet, An Imperative for Saving the Planet

Recently in the news,  BonusFinder Canada put Victoria at the top of it's list based on food availability and price of vegan food,  calling Victoria the most "vegan friendly" city.  Jordan is co-founder and a director of Vancouver Island Vegan Association, a society that advocates for veganism and hosts welcoming and inclusive events to build community.  

Jordan will be discussing his personal path to veganism and the merits of veganism for people, animals and the planet. He asks attendees to consider this question prior to the talk, "What does an ideal way of living with nature through our food systems look like for humanity today?"

Jordan Reichert was born and raised in Victoria B.C. He has worked in the field of mental health and addictions for fifteen years and previously worked for eight years for the Animal Alliance of Canada and was the deputy leader of the Animal Protection Party of Canada. Jordan has a double major in philosophy and sociology from UVic. He has run in municipal, provincial, and federal elections bringing an authentic, honest, and exciting voice to the political discourse while challenging the status quo.