Apr 03, 2024
PE Lorna Johnson
Club Assembly. Member Input Session -

A Rotary club assembly is a regular Rotary club meeting where the program is Club business.  The purpose of this Club Assembly is to provide all members the opportunity to have conversations and provide input on our Club's Strategic Operating Plan for the upcoming Rotary Year which starts on July 1st 2024.

We will have facilitated “stations” in-person at the Union Club where you will be able to look at our Club (and Club Foundation) programs, projects and initiatives, the community impact, cost to deliver in dollars and volunteer hours, and key questions and challenges for next year.

Kathy Tough will be on Zoom and will facilitate the conversations for those attending on Zoom.

We seek your input into what we should continue, ramp up/down, tweak, or even start new. 

Topics / Stations will include:

  • Our Service Programs
    • Rotary Youth Programs, including our Club Scholarship Program
    • Food Security Programs
      • Food For Seniors Program
      • School Food Programs (incl. Starfish Backpack Program)
    • Community / Economic Development
      • International Services Program/Projects
      • Local Community Grants
  • Membership and Club Resiliency Activities:
    • Membership recruitment, engagement and retention program and proposed initiatives
    • Membership costs and potential options to reduce them
    • Fundraising 

Next year’s Executive (Lorna, Gary, Kathy, and Dan), Board Members (Adam, Shawn, Terese, Keith) and key Committee chairs are helping us put together the “stations” and collect the input on the day.

This Assembly is the start of conversations, dialogue and communication in advance of next Rotary year as we plan for success with the Theme of “Share the Passion of Rotary”, while still keeping our eye on this year’s activity.

We hope to see you there !!


Lorna Johnson President-Elect, Rotary Club Victoria-Harbourside