Posted by Patrick Morris on Dec 06, 2017
Paul Harris Fellowships are awarded to individuals who have contributed US$1,000 to Rotary International's Global Funds or Polio Plus.
Doug Lunam informed the club that 23 members had contributed this year to Rotary International. The District Governor referenced his recent visit to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in Atlanta. The CDC has recognized Rotary’s contribution in ridding the world of polio as well as its contribution to eradicating other diseases over the past century. These achievements have been possible through the continuing contributions by members to PolioPlus and the Global Fund.
With the assistance of Doug Lunam and Jeff Moses, District Governor Tom Carroll presented Paul Harris Fellows to the following members:
Linde Brown – 3rd
Tom Zolnay – 3rd
Dave Murray – 4th
Lisa Collins – 4th
Murray Tough – 5th
Pat Morris – 5th
David Spaven – 6th
Maureen Duncan – 7th
Two members were unable to attend today to receive their pins:
Randy Decksheimer – 8th
Don Greenberg – 9th
The club also arranged for two special fellowships of thanks and recognition, to reward their contributions above and beyond any imaginable expectation. Reid James received his first Fellow, recognizing the support that he and through him the Hotel Grand Pacific had afforded Harbourside, the District, and RI. Wayne Shillington’s Fellow, his fourth, recognized the major effort he has contributed in renewing the structure of the club and assisting the Board in that initiative.