The Rotary Club of Victoria Harbourside has emerged from the Global Pandemic stronger and more successful than before it.  Immediate Past President Spaven and Past President Angus MacPherson led us here.
Our club is growing and we recently completed a new Strategic Plan that charts the course for the next three years.  This plan identified several key improvements to implement that are intended to engage our club to a greater extent with the community we serve. 
Jennifer Jones, the first female RI President is from Canada and has a theme of “Imagine Rotary”.  Harbourside Rotary is imagining making a greater difference in our key areas of focus such as Food Security, Poverty Reduction and education of Future Leaders.
It is my privilege to lead this club for 2022-2023 and my focus will be to help us go from a good club to a great club!
Dave Murray, P.Eng., 2022- 2023 President, Rotary Club of Victoria-Harbourside