Jul 10, 2019
Sanna Ali
What is really happening in Sudan?

Sanna Ali Biography

Sanna is a second-year university student majoring in Nursing.  Sanna first came to Canada from Sudan in 2014 as a successful recipient of a 2 year scholarship to study at the United World College, Pearson campus in Metchosin. She then went to the US for University but calls Victoria home as she is now a permanent resident of Canada. Following the lead of her father, Sanna is involved with civil activism work for her country of Sudan and is still fighting for the people in Sudan as she believes in Human rights and hopes for peace.  

Talk Description: What is Really Happening in Sudan

For 30 years Sudan has suffered under the dictatorship of its own government and leader, leading to civil wars, genocide in Darfur, and making the living situation in Sudan unbearable. Sanna MohamedNur will help you understand the reason and the motive for the protests that began in December 2018. These protests have increased in intensity, resulting in government crackdowns and violence with little world attention to this horrific situation.