Can one person make a difference?
Mar 06, 2024
Governor Caleb Summerfelt
Can one person make a difference?

As the Chief Information Officer and Director of Acquisitions, Caleb Summerfelt oversees a fabrication and engineering company that breathes life into various unique creations. Working with a wide range of materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and even digital media, Caleb’s team redefines what is possible. From specialized screws to massive industrial complexes, there is no limit to their capabilities.

But Caleb’s passion doesn’t stop there. He recently unfurled the vibrant wings of NSB Design Works, also known as Bowerbirdling Design, a design firm that operates on a mission to help solve problems with an innovative flare. With a comprehensive methodology supporting each client from start to finish, they excel in estimating, designing, project management, fabrication, and even field installation.

From an idea to a tangible reality, Caleb’s company guides clients through a transformative journey, redefining the limits of creative expression. Education is the cornerstone of Caleb. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, a Master’s Degree in Architecture, a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management Technology, and a Ph.D., his thirst for knowledge fuels his innovative endeavors. Adding to his repertoire, Caleb holds multiple certificates from Washington State University, including Constraints Management, Project Management, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management. His Jonah Certification further solidifies his passion for solving problems.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Caleb loves helping within his community. He has served as a past Club President, District 5020 Public Image Chair, and Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinator for Zone 26 and 27. Not content with conventional contributions, he ignited the creative flame as the creator of the District 5020 Magazine – Unite District 5020, with special appreciation to all contributors who have helped create captivating stories and inspiring content pulling in readers monthly from across the globe. As the District 5020 Governor for 2023-2024 and District 5020 Communications Chair, Caleb’s unwavering dedication to work tirelessly to help support the clubs and members in the District allowing us to continue to shape the future of our District.

Caleb’s commitment to philanthropy shows his dedication and love for his community. As a Paul Harris Society Member and a Major Donor Level 2 member of the Bequest and Legacy Society, he embraces the spirit of giving wholeheartedly. His pride shines through as a member of the Puget Sound Designers Passport Rotary, a club singularly devoted to tackling the universal challenge of Technology. Though intentionally small clubs, their impact reverberates as its members pool their expertise in design and engineering to deliver unmatched support. In its first year of service, this remarkable collective has already provided over $200,000 in transformative services to fellow Rotarians and communities in need.

Caleb Summerfelt is a champion of progress where each endeavor, he reshapes the landscape of possibility, hoping to inspire others to dream bigger and reach higher.