Polio Rotary work in India.
Jan 25, 2023
Marsha Brown and her husband Mike Crosby
Polio Rotary work in India.

Mike is Rotary District 5160 Polio Plus Chair and Marsha is the District Membership Chair.


Were you alive in 1955?
If so, you were in the greatest outbreak of this crippling polio virus. Did you somehow avoid polio? If you did not, you are polio survivor - for life.
And - if you are younger - why should you care about polio, when the last case in the US was 1979?
...Where would the world be today IF Rotary had not stepped up to meet the challenge to end polio?
Polio is a virus many Rotarians have heard about - but not much beyond that. Yet Rotary has been at the forefront of eradicating it globally since 1985.
Why is ending polio still the top humanitarian priority for Rotary?
Where is it in the world today and how is it like COVID-19?
Rotarians Mike Crosby and Marsha Brown (Rotary Club of Brentwood) will share their personal story of providing the vaccine to young children in the slums of India - less than two months before COVID raged throughout the world.
They will update on what!s being done to stop it – forever - - including current efforts to stop polio in Afghanistan and Pakistan.