Canada's Amazing Ecosystems: From Old-growth Rainforests to Semi-Desert
Aug 04, 2021
Ken Wu
Canada's Amazing Ecosystems: From Old-growth Rainforests to Semi-Desert

The inspiring and informative presentation will feature beautiful slides and interesting narration on the great diversity of native ecosystems across Canada and their flora and fauna, geography and conservation status and needs. The Endangered Ecosystems Alliance is working to expand the parks and protected areas system across Canada for the benefit of our health, economy, biodiversity and the climate, and this will be explained in the presentation.

Ken Wu, Executive Director at Endangered Ecosystems Alliance, has given hundreds of presentations to conservation, naturalist, recreation, rotary, church, and business groups over the years, and is a highly informative and compelling speaker.

He is the former Executive Director and co-founder of the Ancient Forest Alliance. He has worked to protect ancient forests in BC for over a quarter century, after first seeing the Walbran Valley as a teenager in 1991. Previously he worked as the Executive Director and Campaign Director for the Wilderness Committee’s Victoria chapter, from 1999 to 2010, and before that for a variety of small environmental groups. He graduated from the University of British Columbia’s ecological science program and has also worked as a biologist, tree-planter, math tutor, and door canvasser.

We will also hear from our Membership Director, Kevin Hilgers regarding membership growth.