Hansard services
Jun 08, 2022
Julie McClung and Daniel Powell
Hansard services

Presenter Biographies

Julie McClung, Index Team Leader, is an experienced indexer of political debates, with interests in parliamentary information retrieval, information ethics, controlled vocabulary and B.C. politics.

Dr. Daniel Powell is a Publishing Systems Analyst at the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. He was previously an Innovation Researcher with the BC Public Service and a European Union-funded researcher in digital editing at King’s College London. His current role focuses on developing and maintaining infrastructure and systems for the digital publication of Parliamentary publications in British Columbia, as well as leading large digitization and publication projects within the Legislative Library of British Columbia.


Presentation Overview

Ever wondered what happens in the Parliament Buildings when the House is in session? Legislature insiders will show you the journey of the spoken word from politician’s lips to the official report you can read online. This presentation will review the history and contemporary operations of Hansard Services at the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. Hansard publishes the official reports of the Legislative Assembly and Parliamentary Committees and broadcasts Assembly and Committees proceedings. The transcripts and broadcasts are full, accurate and "substantially verbatim" records of the work of the Members of the Legislative Assembly. From humble beginnings in 1970, Hansard has grown into a substantial operation involving specialized staff, sophisticated technical infrastructure, and complex mechanisms for ensuring the activities of the Legislative Assembly are transparent to the citizens of the province.