Dr. Marjorie Moulton started the Founder and Executive Director of We Rage We Weep Alzheimer Foundation, local Victorian and supporter to families and caregivers as they work with individuals who are battling dementia.  She presented to Harbourside with some tips of how we could help someone who has dementia. 
Dr. Moulton began her talk with Harbourside explaining that Dementia is an over-arching term describing degenerative brain diseases of which Alzheimer's is the largest category.  Regardless, a diagnosis of dementia is overwhelming and challenging to everyone in that person's circle.  It is important to remember that Dementia is a physiological disease where brain matter is shrinking or there are build ups of plaques and proteins that cause the behaviour changes we see.   As executive function is taken away, the person is slowly changing from a thinking being to a feeling being.  Feelings and emotion take over.  This is important to keep in mind as those suffering with dementia could be greatly challenged by a simple task but can read the emotion and feelings that you give them very easily.   
Dr. Moulton challenges those caregivers and family members to go along the journey with your loved one suffering from Dementia. As Dementia is currently a one-way street and the progression results in high emotion, then keep with that person in their new world.  Step into it with them and work with what you have in their space.  They are changing in the direction they are going and we can join them rather than try to bring them back into our world, which isn't really possible. Take time with them.  Be Patient and create positive emotional experiences. 
Tips for helping someone battling dementia: 
- Join their Journey
- Don't argue
- Be Patient
Prevention for everyone:
- Take care of your heart - it will help take care of your brain
- Maintain a Healthy Diet
- Be Physically Active
- Exercise your brain
- Enjoy social activities