Glenys Jenkyns is the granddaughter of Art Jenkyns, who started Operation Eyesight in 1963.  She has been a formal ambassador for this organization since 2009, however, has really been involved her whole life through the passion of her grandfather. 
Every 5 seconds 1 person goes blind.  
80% of the time the blindness is avoidable.  
Operation Eyesight's goal is to eliminate avoidable blindness. 
Originally started by Dr. Ben Gullison who did some mission work in India and found a great void in eyecare.  Art Jenkyns came aboard to discuss a more sustainable way to offer help rather than just a one time event or drive.  14 million people were helped in 2014 through operation eyesight, an amazing feat! 
Cataract is the #1 cause of blindess, then uncorrected refractive error followed by Trachoma, a painful bacterial infection which happens mostly in Africa. 
Why don't some people get help when they are going blind? 
  • Lack of Awareness - not knowing where to go or that there is someone that can help
  • Poor Quality of Service - in their region or area - few trained doctors for eyecare
  • Costs - these are poor countries
  • Distance - rural communities
Operation Eyesight primarily operates in four countries - Zambia, Kenya, Guana & India. 
Primarily known for gathering old prescription glasses to recondition for those oversees, Operation Eyesight has changed their philosophy and no longer gather donated glasses.  They instead invest in local infrastructure for optical shops, treatment centres and train locals to assist the needy. 
Trachoma is predominantly in Guana & Zambia.  It is spread by flies and continues due to poor habits for face washing with unsafe water.  A big fix for this is to help build wells in communities which can reduce cases by up to 95% due to clean safe water being provided (as well as many other good outcomes). 
You can get involved by donating, spreading the word, giving eyesight in lieu of gifts, and fundraising.
Harbourside Rotary has donated $13,750 and funded 458 cataract surgeries in our history with Operation Eyesight.