RC Victoria Harbourside's guest speaker this week (July 14) was R. Blank, CEO of Shield Your Body.  He helped us understand the risks of increased exposure to electro-magnetic fields and how we can make this technology safer to use.
How we can make technologies safer to use? Electro Magnetic Fields – energy that is electricity and magnetism. From sunshine to X-rays and Gamma-rays, radio and microwaves. Everything that runs on electricity or communicates wirelessly has EMF. In our lifetimes, we have moved from little exposure to living in a sea of EMF. Today EMF exposure is 1 trillion times higher than sunshine. Current science says EMF exposure is linked to anxiety, sleep disruption, cancers and many other biological problems. It is also linked to mass extinction of birds, bee colony collapse and illnesses in animals. It impacts all biological systems. Still the government and industry says it is safe.
5G is a fifth generation of cellphone networks. 5G uses more EMF energy to communicate (300Ghz) 50X more energy than 4G to enable more bandwidth. It will require more cell towers. Some countries are banning 5G due to health concerns. 5G is a cell technology but it is also designed to connect other smart technologies (homes/cars/appliances). These things will become new sources of EMF. 
The more EMF you are exposed to, the greater your risk of adverse impacts. Our own cell phones increases our health risk. If we begin to live in an “internet of things” that emit EMF, our exposure will increase exponentially.
How to protect yourself?  Don’t panic. Use 2 rules – minimize use of EMF emitting technology. Be mindful of what you use and how often. Don’t buy smart tech unless you need it. Turn off your tech when not in use (e.g. your wifi at night). Maximize distance between your body and tech when it is in use. Power of EMF diminishes with distance. Don’t carry your phone in your pocket or bra (unless you use a phone shield) and don’t put your laptop on your lap. If you have your phone beside you at night, put it in airplane mode.  E-book “The 5 Biggest Sources of EMF and How to Protect Yourself for Free.” Go to shieldyourbody.com.  EMF protection apparel is also available.