Joey Scarfone is a goldsmith and is retiring from a 40-year career in the jewellery trade. He has published the first book on vintage cars here in Victoria and is currently working on his second. He has also produced three television shows on this topic for Shaw and the fourth is currently in reproduction. Joey has also written and recorded the theme song (movin' on) for the television shows and is working on the research and storyboard for a full length documentary which will be called West Coast Car Culture.  
Joey reviewed his book, Vintage Cards of Victoria, with the Club during his presentation, which included images of the cars directly from the book. He mentioned that his choice of cars was based on the dollar value of car, its condition and rarity. He also mentioned that he actually did not own his own car at the time that he started his book - he actually used to walk to work - though he is now the proud owner of a 2003 Ford Escape.
Some notable points from the presentation include the following:
  • The first image on the powerpoint presentation was a 1919 Stanley Steam Automobile - this is the oldest car in the book
    • Joey mentioned that some people don't take their car out until the summer – the cars usually stay in garages
  • 1926 Chevrolet Phaeton
    • Hamish Crawford, owner of the Roost on McTavish, owns this vehicle and several others
    • Cars are his hobby
  • 1928 Lasalle Victoria
    • The owner of this vehicle lives in Brentwood Bay – only two '28 Lasalle's in this condition exist in the world
  • 1930 Packard series 740
    • This car was used by Prince Charles and Princess Diana when they visited Canada
Victoria News also did an article on Joey. Currently, Munro's Books, Bolen Books and Ivy's Bookshop are selling Joey's book.
There was also an opportunity for questions and answers. The following questions were asked:
  • Dilsher Virk  – asked where he cut off in time – when is a car considered vintage?
    • Answer: 25 years is the cutoff according to ICBC so that is the definition Joey has relied upon 
  • Gerry Kelly – asked if Joey researches the history of car
    • Answer: Yes – Joey does conduct research but he made the decision to use minimal text and focus on images. He will alter this in the second book
      • Joey is also working on a documentary – his mission is to find the oldest car in Victoria and he will also include a history of the cars in the next book
  • Pieta Van Dyke – asked why some cars have collectors plates and others don't 
    • Answer: the lower insurance premiums are lower on collectors plates but driving conditions/restrictions also apply
  • Ann Moskow – asked if the owners do work on cars themselves
    • Answer: some owners do the work themselves but the restoration industry is huge in Victoria – there are a lot of specialty shops so owners may have this work done by those in this industry