President, Tom Zsolnay, gave the club an update on our annual goals including:
- We are 87 active members, close to our 88 member goal
- All members who are on committees are
- DLTA - Goal to have at least 8 attend
- Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - coming soon
Our Service Projects are going well to date.
Our Youth Outreach is plugging along
Our Public Image is being bolstered by the work of Kevin & Boma.
We also had a great explanation of The Rotary Foundation (not to be confused with the Harbourside Foundation).
RI Foundation has a goal of getting EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) donating. 
Funds are split into three categories:
1) Polio Plus which is spent annually on eradicating polio throughout the world.
2) Annual Fund - all donations to this fund are held for 3 years.  After which, in Year 4, 50% goes to global grants and 50% to district matched grants.
3) Endowment Fund - funded only by legacy gifts.  Is held in perpetuity with interest earned going back to the Annual fund and Polio Plus based on the RI Board's decision of the split. 
Projects we work on have the possibility of being matched by other clubs, within the district, at the international level and by the Government of Canada, as well. 
Paul Harris Fellows (PHF) are earned by either donating $1000 to the Foundation or 1,000 points. 
To get your 1st PHF, the club has points to donate so you can donate $500 and the club will match. 
For your 2nd PHF, the club will match $0.50 for each of your $1.
Today, we recognized the following club members:
- Ted Noakes - for his 1st Paul Harris Fellow
- Kathy Tough - for her 2nd Paul Harris Fellow
- Mary Coward - for her 7th Paul Harris Fellow
Currently, 68 of our club members are Paul Harris Fellows.