Every year we put our fundraising efforts into the community.
In the past four years alone (to summer, 2020) The Rotary Club of Victoria-Harbourside and its Harbourside Foundation has donated well over $410,000.00 to organizations such as those listed below.     

Summer, 2020 roughly $60,000 was awarded to the following, proceeds from the Harbourside Foundation and general fundraising revenues. 
  • 1000x5 Childrens Book Recycling Project Society.    Provides books for babies and preschoolers.  Goal is to have every child have a home library and have those books read to them 1000 by the age of 5.
  • Anawim Companions Society.  Anawim House serves Victoria's homeless community fry offering a safe, substance-free family environment for people wanting to make positive changes in their lives. The money was put towards a kitchen upgrade.
  • Cornerstone Sanctuary Youth.    Extended hours for the sanctuary youth centre.
  • George Jay Elementary.  A program offering literacy and self-regulation skills.
  • Mount St Mary Hospital .  Building a Sensory Garden for Mount St. Mary Hospital residents living with dementia.
  • Soap for Hope.  Hygiene products, linens and other items to Community Facilities serving marginalized people.
  • Vancouver Island Kids Klub Centre Society . Provides lunches in schools.
  • Victoria Brain Injury Society.     Music Feeds My Mind uses music therapy to help clients improve, maintain, & restore an optimal state of well-being.. 
  • Victoria Sexual Assault Centre.      VSAC’s Victoria Sexual Assault Clinic is an accessible, welcoming, and innovative space where recent survivors of sexual assault can have their medical, justice, and emotional support needs met under one roof.
In the past several years the below have received funding. 
  • Honduras: funded and sponsored Global Grants for 10 years to train more than 1500 women in micro-business skills
  • 1000X5 Children’s Books
  • Braefoot Community Association:  transport for youth from low-income families for summer camp field trips
  • Bridges for Women Society 
  • Burnside Gorge Community Assoc. 
  • Camosun Culinary Arts Program:  Scholarship and other support to the program
  • Can Assist at U Vic 
  • CARTS Outreach
  • Central Middle School - Central Circle
  • Centre for Outreach Education:  Accessible, individualized reading, writing and math support for risk children and youth
  • Cornerstone Youth Society:  Programming for at-risk youth and expanded one-on-one mentoring
  • Disaster Aid Canada:  Soap for Hope Program, repackaging toiletries from local hotels and providing hygiene products to people in need
  • Ecole George Jay School – calming spaces, books forkindergarten kids and parent education sessions.
  • École Quadra School – Read and Write Program, transportation to events and library books.
  • Ecole Quadra School, Central Middle School, and Victoria High School:  support for their breakfast programs
  • Ecole Quadra School:  books for English language learners and technology to support at-risk learners
  • Family Services of Greater Victoria
  • George J Elementary:  Empowerment Program facilitating the inclusion of low income families into the community
  • Hero Work – kitchen and market construction for Food Rescue
  • Kidsport Victoria
  • Leadership Victoria Society 
  • LifeCycles:  Growing Schools Program, hands-on food gardening experience in local schools
  • Men’s Trauma Centre:  subsidizing crime victim support and counselling services for men at risk
  • Mustard Seed Street Church:  supporting access to healthy food to youth at risk
  • Our Place:  support for their food program
  • Power to be Adventure Therapy Society:  Wilderness School for youth displaying high-risk indicators
  • Quadra Village Community Centre:  George Jay Summer Support Program for children from low-income families
  • South Island Centre for Counselling & Training:  Bridging a Gap Program, providing mental health counselling services and support to children, youth and their families
  • South Island Centre for Counselling and Training
  • Stigma Free Society – peer support groups.
  • Threshold Housing Society:  Life Foundations Program for at-risk youth
  • Vancouver Island Kids Klub Centre Society:  Brown Bag Lunch Program , nutritious lunches for students in need
  • Vic West Community Centre:  support for their Christmas Breakfast with Santa
  • Victoria Brain Injury Society
  • Victoria Conservatory of Music:  Music Therapy Program for youth transitioning to adulthood
  • Victoria High School – replace kitchen appliances.
  • Victoria Women’s Transition House Society – PEACE camps for children who have witnessed domestic violence.
  • Volunteer Victoria – Youth Advisory Committee to instill value of volunteering
  • WITS Programs Foundation
  • World Fisheries Trust
  • World Fisheries Trust– Seaquaria Ocean Education
  • YMCA-YWCA Strong Kids Program:  Pandora Youth Apartments, for youth age 15 to 19 to support semi-independent living.
Spring, 2019 the Rotary Club of Victoria-Harbourside received two grants from the Rotary Foundation totaling almost $40,000 CDN.  The first was a $26,155 (USD) grant for Harbourside’s Women’s Business Training program in Guatemala.   While Rotary Club of Victoria-Harbourside is taking the lead on the project, we have other funding partners other than the Rotary Foundation, including 6 other Rotary clubs and the Government of Canada.   The Contribution from the Rotary Club of Victoria-Harbourside was $3200 USD.  Total accumulated funds that will be used for this initiative will be $70,003 USD.   Women trained in this program already have micro businesses and can normally expect to double their income by completing the program.      
The second project to receive Rotary Foundation funding is a District Community Grant for $10,000 USD for Primary School Gardens in the Comayagua area of Honduras.  Harbourside’s contribution is $1140 USD, the Rotary Foundation’s portion was $3500 USD with other Rotary clubs kicking in.     Comayagua is a large agriculture valley and most of the families in this region earn their living as casual farm labourers.  The goals of the grant are to establish and operate sustainable gardens in schools, produce nutritious food for students,  educate students in of agriculture and agri-business,  and or prepare students for careers in agriculture.  These funds of $29,655 USD (Approximately $39,650 CDN) from Rotary Foundation have enabled Rotary Club of Victoria-Harbourside and other community leaders to move many of their efforts forward.
Fall, 2018 we received a grant from the Rotary Foundation and coupled with club proceeds created a fund of over $138,000.   These dollars are targeted to a project dear to the heart of our membership,  training and personal empowerment to 200 women and graduating high school students in greater Tegucigalpa and Comayagua, Honduras.  
Rotary is an international organization.  We make an impact in our local and world-wide community.   International projects we have funded in the past several years include:
  • Honduras: funded and sponsored Global Grants for 10 years to train more than 1500 women in micro-business skills
    Guatemala:  capital funding for micro credit loans and basic business training for women.
  • Malawi:  scholarships to a girls’ school
  • Afghanistan:  programs supporting education for girls
  • Central America:  physician travel packs
  • Zambia:  program for sustainable reforestation
We have also provided Scholarships:
  • To students graduating from School Districts 61 and 63
  • To students facing barriers to post-secondary education
  • Youth to RYLA (leadership training)
  • Rotary Youth Exchange (youth experiencing another culture for a school year).