Victoria Conservatory of Music
Jan 18, 2023
Nathan Medd and Johanne Brodeur
Victoria Conservatory of Music

Nathan Medd, incoming CEO Victoria Conservatory of Music, joined by Dr. Johanne Brodeur, longtime Head of Music Wellness at the Conservatory, to share the latest from this dynamic institution on the eve of the 25th anniversary of its Johnson Street home.

Nathan Medd began in community arts in the mid-Island as a child before attending UVic for theatre and English literature, earning a Distinguished Alumni Award in 2019, and later attending Harvard University for a Master’s degree focused on nonprofit management. Medd comes to the VCM after a four-year appointment as managing director of performing arts at Banff Centre for Arts, returning to Vancouver Island after 15 years working across Canada with leading artists and arts instructors.

Dr. Johanne Brodeur holds a Doctorate in Health Science, Music, and Music Therapy and is an accredited music therapist in Canada.