May 13, 2020
Tina Price
Doctors of the World: Mobile Health Clinic

Who We Are

Doctors of the World Canada is a non-profit organization providing health care to our most marginalized community members while advocating for access to health care for all.

Doctors of the World operates a Mobile Health Clinic that travels Greater Victoria, including Sidney and Sooke, offering primary health care to people in need where they are: in parks, shelters, streets...

The Clinic is staffed by a Registered Nurse with support from outreach workers and volunteers.
We work with more than 10 community partners to ensure our services are complementary and help bridge the gaps in primary care services.

What We Do

We focus on harm reduction, health promotion and education to empower and support people to take care of themselves and reduce risks.

Aboard the Clinic, in a private and safe environment, Nurses develop relationships, provide care, and listen without judgment.