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Scott Mcdonald Mar 29, 2023
Reporting Asia from Tokyo to Kabul.
Reporting Asia from Tokyo to Kabul.

Scott McDonald, who grew up in Victoria, was a foreign correspondent for 25 years with Reuters News Agency and Associated Press. He reported across Asia from Japan to Afghanistan, covering everything from wars and coups to elections, plane crashes and the Olympics. He recounts his experiences.

Dennis Truss Apr 05, 2023
Update on the School Food Programme
Jonathan Holiff Apr 12, 2023
The Johnny Cash archives
The Johnny Cash archives

Saul Holiff (1925-2005) was the manager of one of the most iconic figures in American music history, Johnny Cash, and is best remembered for pairing Cash with June Carter. Holiff, who started as a concert promoter in the late 1950s in London, Ontario, managed Cash from 1961-1973, by turns the most tumultuous and remarkable years of the singer’s life, and resigned at the pinnacle of Cash’s success. The collection in Special Collections at the University of Victoria Libraries contains photographs, letters, audio recordings, diaries, gold records, and ephemera that Holiff carefully accumulated during his career and preserved until the end of his life.

Jonathan Holiff is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and the son of the late Saul Holiff. His 2012 film about the unlikely, rocky relationship between Cash and Holiff, “My Father and The Man In Black,” was released in theatres in the United States and the United Kingdom, and on television around the world. The film, which the New York Times called “complex and haunting,” won nine film festival competitions including Edinburgh and Hamburg. Jonathan also won the “Orson Welles Award" for Best New Director at the Tiburon International Film Festival.

Currently, Jonathan is developing When Johnny Cash Got His Moose, a documentary about the extraordinary 1961 Newfoundland moose hunt and concert tour that reinvigorated Cash’s career and put him on the path to superstardom.

Bill Feyrer et al Apr 19, 2023
Update on the Honduras project
Lee-Anne Godfrey May 03, 2023
Classification Talk and May Annual Fund campaign.

Ralph Libby will kick off the Annual Fund campaign.

Kevin Hilgers May 10, 2023
Club assembly to discuss plans for 2023-24
Shannon Baillie May 17, 2023
2023 Community Grant Results
Kristi Philpott May 24, 2023
Update on the Liberia Beekeeping Project (District Grant)
Bees complement the community farming that makes up the livelihood of these families.  They help to pollinate existing crops; are first indicators for environmental challenges; and don't take a lot of time, energy or land to farm.  One honey harvest can double a family's income and funds are typically used for healthcare, education or building improvements.
Mayor Marianne Alto Jun 07, 2023
TBA Jun 14, 2023
Classification Talk
Mark Brown? Jun 21, 2023
Past Rotary Global Grant Scholar

Mark will address his project regarding drought resistant crops in Zambia .

TBA Jun 28, 2023
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Changeover, Uplands Golf Club. Evening. Jul 24, 2023
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Assembly? Sep 06, 2023
TBA Sep 13, 2023
TBA Sep 20, 2023