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Bill Wittich Sep 30, 2020
Don’t recruit, attract new members to your Rotary Club. Here’s how.
Don’t recruit, attract new members to your Rotary Club.  Here’s how.

Membership is critical for all Rotary clubs. These new members must include a mix of younger, middle aged and older members. It is this variety in age that increases the quality of a club’s membership. This is a book about membership and change. Many clubs overlook the fact that the majority of their members will be retiring in the next decade and that the generations to follow are radically different from the generations of the past. It is critical for all Rotary leaders to understand that what brought them into Rotary may not be the same thing that will bring this next generation into Rotary. While the current excitement is finding young people to bring into Rotary, there is a large group of retiring Boomers that could help to increase our membership. They are a vital group of healthy, wealthy and wise potential Rotarians. They are very different from those young prospects in many ways and the attraction process is different for both groups.

Dr. Bill Wittich is a speaker and author in the field of nonprofit management. He travels an average of 100 days a year speaking to professional associations and Rotary clubs. His doctorate is from the University of Southern California and he has authored eight books in the association and non-profit field. He is a Past President of the Rotary Club of Laguna Sunrise and serves as an Assistant Governor for District 5180. Bill is also an instructor for the Far West President-Elect Training Seminar. Bill and his wife Ann enjoy living in Northern California, where they enjoy cooking, collecting antiques, and learning about red wine.


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Craig Gillis Nov 18, 2020
Rotary Foundation

Craig will be talking about the Rotary International Foundation in addition to our own AGM for the local Harbourside Foundation. This will be a good opportunity to compare the two.